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Mapping the dynamics of social enterprise and ICTs in Cambodia: a study of perception, use and benefit of ICT in development of the social enterprise space, Masters Thesis, School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University. Full thesis

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Cambodian Youth Making Connections, in Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities with Information and Communication Technology. Ed. Stewart Marshall, Wallace Taylor, Xing Huo Yu. (pages 66-71) Chapter via Google Scholar
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Cambodian Youth Making Connections, in Global Information Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications, Volume 1 (Google eBook) Ed. Felix B. Tan. Page 3447 Link

Research Abstracts

Cambodian Youth Making Connections 2002
This research explores how urban Cambodian youth are creating connections and exploring the opportunities that new technology offers for their social and community development within the Khmer diaspora. It contends that these young Cambodians are using ICT to define and express themselves as both individuals and members of a distinct new cohort. This study was conducted from July-September 2002 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as part of the Master of Arts in Communications at RMIT University. A comparison of qualitative and quantitative data allowed this study to develop a rounded profile of young Cambodians’ (aged 18-24) ICT usage habits. ICT are defined as mobile phones, SMS, the Internet, the World Wide Web and Chat. This article contends that this uptake of ICT highlights the emergence of an urban elite, a digital elite whose use of ICT is helping to define the new generation and secondly facilitate connections that build community within the Khmer diaspora.

Mapping the dynamics of social enterprise and ICTs in Cambodia: a study of perception, use and benefit of ICT in development of the social enterprise space 2002-2007

As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and social enterprises become drivers of economic growth, the nexus provides opportunities for new models of business to bring benefits to communities in developing countries. Recognising the complex dynamics and range of actors in this diverse and emerging sector, this study chooses to document the external influences, use and impact of ICT on social enterprises (SEs) -enterprises that have both a business and social development goal. The problem investigated is the potential gag between the rhetoric of the promise of e-business versus the dynamics of enactment and impacts of ICT in practice in the social enterprise sector. The main contribution of the research is to identify the real development impact of ICT use by social enterprises by assessing the role of ICTs in achieving their goals. Its major finding is that SEs social and business missions are inextricably linked .and their use of ICTs and benefits from it can be used as a proxy to assess ICTD. Thus SEs provide a new paradigm in the study of ICTD.