Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Hacks of Kindness - hacking for humanity

Want to spend a weekend hacking for humanity? Then get involved in Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) a global community of innovators building practical open technology to make the world a better place.
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Connecting Up is the Community Partner for the 2012 weekend event which is increasing as a global movement in what could be called a taste test of tech for social good. If RHoK inspires one person's view of why their knowledge could affect change in their world and community, then it is successful.
On the weekend of June 2 and 3, Melbourne will be a main city stage host of RHoK. This two day global event aims to develop technology solutions to address the impact of natural disasters, emergency response and climate change (among other global issues!)

The theme for RHoK Melbourne this year is "Community Resilience."  The event will bring software engineers together with “subject matter experts” such as disaster management specialists, medical professionals and emergency services to collaborate on projects designed to identify critical local and global challenges, and develop software and solutions to respond to them.
If you'd like to get involved, sign up on the Random Hacks of Kindness website.

Have your not-for-profit problem solved

questionmarkIf you have an idea for a problem that RHoK hackers could work on, you can add it to the list of problems to be solved.
You can see some of the problems that have already been raised for RHoK events around the world with topics such as disaster resiliency, environmen, transportation and youth.
You will need to register on the RHoK website first , or contact Kelly if you have any questions.

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