Monday, December 06, 2010

Hot spot: health sector

Hot spot: health sector

Healthcare is a hot topic in the digital economy not just in Australia. I lead the Austrade Digital Economy and Broadband Applications Mission, which visited Japan, Korea and Singapore from 18-26 October 2010. All these economies see health as a key sector that will benefit from advances made as ubiquitous broadband rolls out. 

Korea U-Health 
According to Korea the healthcare paradigm is evolving alongside the developments in technology. 

BIT Software Korea challenges us to broaden the concept of traditional remote healthcare, Healthcare, e-Health with a new term. u-Health : Ubiquitous + Healthcare + Health. More

Definition of U-Healthcare

Concept in Narrow Sense: Medical staff utilizing IT to communicate with other medical staff in remote area in regards to medical knowledge or technology.
Concept in Broad Sense: Providing medical service to the public anywhere, anytime in regards to prevention, diagnostic, cure, aftercare and other issues. 

Telemedicine in Japan
Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) like many governments have a number of case studies from pilot projects implemented in the healthcare sector. 

In Japan Telemedicine is defined as Tele-radiology, Tele-pathology and Home Recuperation Support. The Austrade Mission met with MIC officials to learn about the pilots and the summary is available for download.;postID=3851152352488904023
In Japan both hospitals and clinics use telemedicine systems but the take-up rate is low to date. Similar barriers exist as in Australia with resistance from medical practitioners as well as diverse regional centres to service.

Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) Singapore
IIHiS brings together all IT resources and services of the healthcare clusters and restructured institutions to draw on the collective IT expertise so as to transform the way they deliver healthcare across Singapore with the use of technology. 

IHIS delivers value from synergies of shared systems, integrates care delivery using transformational technology and manages IT across all the public healthcare institutions in Singapore.

As part of the Austrade Mission AIIA visited IIHiS as a leading example of Singapore's approach to eHealth. Further information on IHiS is available on their website

Orginally published in the AIIA Megaphone: 06.12.10