Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How about the Social Apprentice?

I was interested by a comment on SSE 'what the movement really wants is an equivalent on TV...the Social Apprentice' on

Cambodian TV has recently aired a program the "Youth Leadership Challenge," modeled on The Apprentice. The Cambodian version tests young leaders each week on various techniques for constructively engaging the government and citizens on good governance issues. For more see...Using Television to Develop Youth Leadership Skills

Whilst slightly different in content the show deals with social issues and engages young people to care about their community. Going one step further could be to focus on social entrepreneurship as you suggested.

Cambodia is unique with 50% of the population under the age of 25 with unemployment an ever increasing reality. I firmly believe innovative programs that support the social entrepreneurial spirit of young people are much needed to address social development issues though business activities.

There have been many donor supported alternative solutions for development challenges. Acknowledging the benefit of social enterprises has lead agencies such as UNDP to support the work of Digital Divide Data

Perhaps an alternate format would be to have the next "Youth Leadership Challenge" place teams in various social enterprises and really combine the social and business agenda. That would be interesting to watch!