Saturday, April 02, 2005

Creating an IT Association in Cambodia

I am writing to a few colleagues who have expressed interest in creating an IT Association in Cambodia. I hope to share further information as it comes to hand yet at this stage a workshop is scheduled on May 18 & 19.

The purpose is to lay the foundation for the creation of an IT Association in Cambodia. The first step in the process is to build consensus among the key information technology segments in the private sector of Cambodia. A goal of the workshop is to highlight the current environment of IT industry in Cambodia from a private sector perspective and assess the level of interest in working jointly to promote the industry as well as addressing issues/challenges. Additionally, the workshop will provide guidance on how to form, staff, organize and manage an association.

The program is the result of an alliance between USAID and the World Information Technology and Services Alliance. The goal of the alliance is to build and improve the capacity of information technology associations in Asia Near East and Africa. Further information see below or check out

George Newstrom, WITSA Chairman visited Cambodia in 2004 to see the interest in establishing an IT Association and the feedback was favorable. As a result of continued discussions USAID has agreed to fund this workshop. In the case of Cambodia, WITSA propose to conduct a workshop that establishes the interest and benefits of developing an IT association. Allen Miller, Sr. V.P. of WITSA and Tom Chesney of The Information Technology Mentors Alliance (ITMA) will conduct the workshop at a venue to be confirmed.

The workshop will have around 20 people from the following areas, IT Companies – hardware, software and services organizations, Computer Centers and ISPs with a mix of local and foreign IT professionals attending. It is private sector focused so no government representatives will be involved. It is a sector based business association which could have companies, schools, consultants and NGOs as members. This is what we shall meet and discuss of how the IT sector in Cambodian can benefit from such an association.

So if you’re interested please reply or if know of others who might be, please forward this email. Formal invitations will be issued once we have more of an idea of who’s interested in attending. Please respond so I can include you in the invitation list.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email is best as I will be traveling much of April/May.